Portrait Photography

Fashionable since photography was invented in the nineteenth century, family portraits by professional photographers remain one of the most lucrative areas in the industry. Often not thought of as commercial photography, family portraits and wedding photographs are popular, so it is important to understand how to light the human body, and to arrange families into traditional or fashionable poses. As portrait photography is so popular, there are a number of outlets which provide this service.


Family Photography

Whether it’s your annual family photo or a special gift for grandparents or parents, a family photograph is a treasure. Our family photography can be taken in the studio or in the location of your choice. With a variety of studio backdrops and the flexibility to go on location, Mir Photography creates images you’ll treasure for years to come.

Baby Ali

A professional portrait is more than just a photo: it tells the story of a moment in you and your family’s life for years to come. A truly great portrait should be intimate, personal, and captured so it tells the real story of who you are and what you mean to each other.

That’s why Mir Photography prides itself on providing professional photography services with a truly personal touch. Our skill lies not just in our technical abilities, but in our ability to capture images that truly reflect you and your loved ones, and capture that moment in your life for generations to come!


Before we take a single shot, we want to know what you like, how you spend your time and which styles, colours and settings tell your story. Are you spontaneous, relaxed or high energy? Do you prefer a classic approach, or a more modern style? Clothing, colours, setting and props are all important in communicating who you are, and we’ll walk you through all your options, but the ultimate choice is always yours.


New Born Baby Portrait Photography

Many brides call us a year or two after their wedding day with a new portrait request – infants! Our infant and newborn photography offers a glimpse of tiny feet, the grasp of a small hand, the pucker of tiny lips making their first cry.  Each image reflects the beauty and wonder of newborns and infants.

Contact us to discuss your portrait requirements.

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